Tired of spending your weekends fixing your irrigation?

Relax and let us maintain your system!

Irrigation Maintenance Program

HASSLE FREE Service that saves you money, time and water!!!
Maintenance is the key to keeping your irrigation system functioning at its best performance. With our Irrigation Maintenance Program, an irrigation specialist will go through your entire irrigation system every other month to ensure that your system is performing at maximum efficiency.

Bi-Monthly Maintenance Program includes:
FREE Sprinkler Head Replacement!!!
Adjustment of all heads for proper height, angle and coverage
Adjustments of watering times and days based on the seasons
15% off any additional repairs needed

Technician will perform a thorough inspection of your system including:

  • Sprinklers:Inspect seals, heads and nozzles for leakage and wear.
    • Unclog nozzles and screens.
    • Adjustments to avoid water hitting non target areas such as the house, walkways and driveways.
    • Adjustment of head height as landscape and environmental conditions change.
    • Inspect for broken or leaking pipes.
  • Valves: Check for proper function.
  • Controller:Check and adjust start times, run times and watering days.
  • Rain Sensor: Inspect rain sensor for proper operation and connection.

Let Heron Bring Your Irrigation System up to its maximum efficiency!!

"When we first moved to Florida, the house we purchased had sat empty for over a year and the lawn was completely a disaster. The first thing we needed was an irrigation system...." read more

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