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Backflow Inspections

Let Us Perform Your Annual Backflow Inspection and protect your drinking water!


Backflow requires annual inspection.

One of the most common threats of cross contamination is from irrigation systems. The purpose of a backflow is to protect the non potable water (reclaim, sewer, pumps, etc.) from your drinking water. The backflow device only allows water to flow one way. Once the water has passed the backflow device it is impossible for water to reverse back through and contaminate drinking water, unless the backflow is broken. Over time the parts break down in these devices and it needs to be tested once a year to ensure everything is functioning correctly. You don’t want to experience the possible health hazard caused by a broken backflow. This is why having an annual inspection of your backflow is required by most municipalities to ensure that all parts are working correctly. Call us today to schedule your annual backflow inspection.

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